Kids learn how their bodies work by using them. Amy’s Playground is filled with toys and equipment that encourage skills like running and jumping, rocking and rolling, throwing and catching, climbing and balancing.

When a child steps into our 3,000-square-foot facility, his eyes light up as he takes in the sunlit room and colorful play equipment, wondering, “Where should I play first? How fast can I climb to the top of the maze? How high can I jump today?” To an adult, these choices may not seem like much, but to a child, they are important milestones in his development.

Amy's Playground also believes that the power of imagination needs elbow room -- and plenty of supplies. Every Friday from 2 - 4 pm, our Art Director guides kids through an arts-and-crafts project that may utilize markers, crayons, glue, rubber stamps... or all of the above! This is not a class so kids can join in when they want to, without interrupting their free play.

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